Ps Alan carries a wealth of experience gained over 35 years of full time ministry.  With a strong evangelistic anointing, he also carries a revival spirit which has inspired and equipped many local churches throughout the world.  Having pioneered and pastored Bridgeman Life Church, a thriving local church in Brisbane, over a 24 year period, he carries an appreciation for the local church.  He is passionate not only about winning souls but seeing new believers come to maturity through discipleship.



I have known Alan and Pat Wills for at least 10 years. They pastored a thriving , influential and powerful church in Queensland for many years with great results.  Throughout this time Alan’s strong evangelistic gift was manifest.  His campaigns in different nations were always characterized by powerful moving of God’s power especially in healing.  His passion for soul winning has always been strong.  The time came to step out into full time evangelism and the results are thrilling.  His gift is being expressed in a major way as he now preaches to mass crowds with great release of miracle power and thousands of salvations.  His fearless willingness to go into very dangerous situations for soul winning is inspiring to all who know him.  I highly recommend this powerful man of God to you.  He is a man of real integrity and passion.

Tim Hall Evangelist Director

Tim Hall International Ministries Incorporated

For almost thirty years it has my privilege to have known Alan, both as a good friend and as a partner in the gospel. During this time I often ministered in the amazing church that he and Pat founded. This church reflected the deep values of Alan’s and Pat’s lives, placing high priority on seeing people touched and changed by God’s grace. The consistency of Alan’s heart for miracles and reaching lost people has been a personal inspiration to my life. Alan stands out as one of the most consistent ministers of the supernatural power of God that I have ever met.

Ps Ashley Schmierer

International President  |  International Network of Churches

It has been my privilege to have known and been friends with Pastor Alan Wills for many years. I believe he is a wonderful man of God who has a genuine love for people and to see them touched by The Lord. Alan walks in the miraculous and power of the Holy Spirit and has been used in a powerful way both here in Australia and overseas.

I have no hesitation recommending him as he would be a wonderful blessing and asset to any church who invites him to speak and minister.

Dr. Colin Stringer

I have known Alan Wills and his family for many, many years.

I believe in this man, and what he is doing for the kingdom of God.

He is an awesome man of God, and I consider him a friend. He is a man of faith and always gives God his best.

Jesus is King!

David L. Hogan,

Freedom Ministries  |  Mexico.

Cathi and I have known Alan and Pat Wills for more than five years through our frequent visits to Australia, especially Brisbane.  We have both had the privilege of ministering at Bridgeman Life during the time that we have known them, and we can honestly say that Alan and Pat carry the call of God upon their lives to ignite the body of Christ with a passion for souls and for the supernatural of the Holy Spirit.  During many of our ministry trips to Brisbane, we have also been blessed to stay in their home and have found them both to be loving, warm and very hospitable.  During the many times that we have stayed with them, we have found them to be very “down to earth” people with a great love for their family, friends and church.  Often they would speak of their visits to other countries for the purpose of outreach and ministry to the various churches and church leaders.  We can truthfully testify of their integrity and authenticity as a couple, especially when it comes to their ministry to the Body of Christ.

Rory & Cathi Mole

Prophetic Ministry, South Africa  

I fully endorse the ministry of Pastors Alan & Pat Wills.  I have worked with them for many years.

Their character is beyond reproach, they truly love God & they love people.

Alan is one of the very best one on one Evangelists I have known.  He is a great mass evangelist also having led vast numbers of people to Christ in crusades around the world.  They also have seen amazing miracles in many countries. Healings & miracles are in almost every meeting.

Alan & Pat are very kind people. They are easy to have in your church and will always be a blessing.

They do not have any strange doctrines, they do carry an unusual presence & power of God wherever they go.

I fully commend them to you and hope you will invite them to your church or community.

Pastor Clark Taylor

Founder, Christian Outreach Centre and Worship Centre, Brisbane.

Ps Alan Wills has ministered in our Church for many years.  I have known him for over 30 years now.  As a Senior Pastor, often I can find it difficult to find ministers that are life-giving and demonstrate the power and love of God.

Alan is dynamic on and off the platform, always willing to help, support and encourage.

He’s funny, joyful and real all at the same time.  The people’s response to altar calls or salvations is always very supportive.

When it comes to Sunday services, leadership training or personal encouragement for pastors, Alan does it effortlessly, prayerfully and brings fresh conviction and encouragement where needed.

His prayerful and word-based ministry comes alive and is Spirit inspired.

I can only highly recommend his ministry to you.

Ps Stewart Moncrieff,

Senior Pastor  |  Freshwater Church, Cairns.

It is with great pleasure that I provide an unreserved ministry endorsement for Ps Alan and Pat Wills.

I have known Alan and Pat for many years now, firstly as experienced ministers to whom I aspired, then as co ministers within the INC denomination, followed by them being a great help to me as State Chairman and a National Executive member.  In addition, I have the honour to call them friends.

Alan and Pat are proven ministers.  They have served the Lord with their whole heart for decades, the majority which have been through the denomination on INC. Their heart for the things of God, for the people of God, and for the extension of His Kingdom is to be emulated.    Their character, in my opinion, is beyond question.

They have many gifts with which they serve the Church, and I consider amongst their strengths the following:

  • understanding of and deployment of spiritual gifts, particularly in healing and miracles,  and teaching around the same
  • evangelism and teaching around the same
  • church authority
  • caring for people

Alan and Pat are a great gift to the Body of Christ at large and I have no hesitation in endorsing their ministry to any church or denomination who sought their services.

Ps Gary Hourigan,

Qld State Chairman

National Director of Church Health and Growth

Alan Wills … What can I say.  All the years I have known Alan, his passion has never

changed, to see people saved, healed and delivered from satan’s clutches.

He comes alive when sharing about what God is doing in the nations he’s

travelling to.

Alan is an amazing man, a very good friend, with an awesome woman standing by his side, and

I pray God’s richest blessings on them.

Alan …… Go plunder hell.

Ps Neil Miers

Founder Global Connexions  |  Former International President of Christian Outreach Centre for 15 years

Ps Alan Wills is a man filled with purpose & fiery passion for Jesus. That passion is evident in his love for people, for winning souls & also for the Kingdom of God being advanced. Alan is a man full of the Holy Ghost! He has built an amazing church in Bridgeman Downs. His ministry has personally impacted my family in a dynamic way. Alan now travels internationally & his hunger for revival is contagious!  He carries a powerful anointing & has seen thousands of souls coming to the Lord.  Many are powerfully touched & healed by the power of God in his meetings. Alan is a gift to the body of Christ!

Faylene Sparkes (Prophetic Minstry)

Founder  |  A Company of Seers Australia.

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